CAEP: Identify the challenges of implementing the NDC activities, including gender and update NDC 2021

Country: Vanuatu (Republic of)

Phase: 1

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Improved NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation

Summary of Activity:

Vanuatu is taking significant steps towards implementing the Paris Agreement (PA). Vanuatu’s NDC implementation roadmap has identified immediate interventions to be taken up (such as coconut oil as fuel for electricity generation, solar & wind) as a priority, including regulatory changes and a financial strategy leading to emission reductions and transformational change in the electricity supply sector over time.

The key objective of this assignment was to assist the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Vanuatu to identify the challenges of implementing their NDC activities, including gender and social inclusiveness assessment, and develop a revised NDC template that includes mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology, loss and damage and capacity and transparency information required by UNFCCC and compile a final NDC 2021 for Vanuatu.

The long-term intent was to update Vanuatu's NDC including enhancement of the integrated MRV tool to cover other potential mitigation sectors to increase ambition and action by carrying out a detailed assessment of land transport, waste, forestry, agriculture and other potentially high impact sectors that can contribute to low-carbon development.

Implementing Partner: GIZ