Cross-Sectoral Implementation Framework for NDC Partnership Plan (NDC Roadmap, NDC Mainstreaming & Integration with national planning, CAEP)

Country: Marshall Islands (Republic of)

Phase: 2

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Improved NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation

Summary of Activity:

The Republic of Marshall Islands’ (RMI) NDC Partnership Plan was formally launched by RMI Government at the COP23 in Katowice. In May 2019 the Cabinet approved the RMI Structure for Integration and Coordination of Climate and Resilience Activity.

This mechanism comprises of three Working Groups (WG): Adaptation; Mitigation; and RMI NDC Partnership (RMI-NDCP). The RMI NDCP WG provides integrated support services on cross-cutting areas such as gender and human rights, climate finance management, capacity development and global leadership on both adaptation and mitigation work.

This coordination mechanism is currently progressing on the ground to ensure that it connects all sectors across RMI society for a holistic and coordinated response to climate change (CC). The Partnership Plan is the tool utilized through the NDCP Working Group as its plan to implement activities while strategically supporting the cross-cutting input to the two Working Groups. It is hoped that through this strengthened collaboration, WG members would also strengthen their capacity to provide that integrated support while tracking implementation of the cross- cutting areas and mobilize more resources.

This activity will support the development of an implementation framework to be in place to strategically guide the working groups to carry out its mandate.

The Framework shall include:

  1. Analysis of gaps and needs based on the NDC Partnership Plan.
  2. Detailed Action Plan to address the needs and gaps identified.
  3. Capacity development plan to enhance skillsets, knowledge, systems, and tools.
  4. Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) plan.
  5. Communication plan.

Implementing Partner: SPREP