Developing Niue’s Climate Change Communication Strategy (2021-2024)

Country: Niue

Phase: 2

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Strengthened enabling environment for NDC implementation

Summary of Activity:

In recent years, the Government of Niue has become increasingly aware that while numerous projects, activities and initiatives related to climate change have been implemented so far, there is a need to raise further awareness on not only Niue's commitment to climate action, but support climate education in Niue. 

Likewise, there is a need to improve coordination among stakeholders at all levels (government, academics, civil society and private sector) with regard to climate change communications, especially in the definition and dissemination of key messages and related key information across the country to motivate changes in communities’ attitudes and behaviours in the face of climate change.

A more effective approach to communication is necessary due to the growing significance of climate change and the threat posed to local livelihoods due to sea-level rise and other consequences of climate change in Niue.

A National Climate Change Communication Strategy is envisaged as the best way to meet the communication needs identified. The Strategy will derive its mandate and be intended to communicate the objectives of the Niue National Strategic Plan (2016-2026) and the Niue National Climate Change Policy (2010).

The main objective of the assignment is to produce a Cliimate Change Communication Strategy which is aimed at raising public awareness of climate change and related national policies, programmes and projects and their impacts among Niue citizens and numerous other stakeholders, ensuring:

  • consistent messaging is widespread across all concerned governmental institutions; greater communication coordination among relevant stakeholders, leading to more effective stakeholders’ engagement.
  • Best practices, knowledge and lessons learnt from previous communication initiatives are well captured and analyzed to design more effective, systematic and results-driven communications.
  • Increased understanding and public attention, with quality and topical content developed, and an innovative and creative approach is used by concerned stakeholders including local media.

The final output will be a National Communication Strategy document will be endorsed by the Department of Environment on behalf of the Government of Niue. 

Implementing Partner: The Pacific Community (SPC)