NDC enhancement to include quantifiable adaptation targets

Country: Vanuatu (Republic of)

Phase: 1

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Improved NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation

Summary of Activity:

This activity led by the NDC hub focused on enhancing Vanuatu’s NDC to include quantifiable adaptation targets in two priority sectors: Agriculture and Water. In addition, the project aimed to determine how to incorporate loss and damage (L&D) considerations into the NDC.

The overarching goal for the agricultural sector was identified as: “Agriculture is able to support household income and food needs in a changing climate”. In contributing to the achievement of this goal, two targets were identified.

  • Target Ag1: By 2022, 80% of agriculture SMEs and private sector operators are able to generate sufficient income to cover essential household needs and services
  • Target Ag2: By 2030, 100% of identified measures for enhancing the resilience of subsistence agriculture in a changing climate in the six provinces have been implemented.

Based on the workshop consultations, the overarching goal for the water sector was identified as: "The water management system is able to support water needs for all communities in a changing climate". In contributing to the achievement of this goal, two targets were established:

  • Target Wa1: By 2030, 60% of communities in the six provinces have developed drinking Water Safety and Security Plans and are able to address water needs
  • Target Wa2: By 2030, 6 climate-resilient water protection zones declared, providing sufficient urban water supply.

The most relevant loss and damage impacts to Vanuatu in the water and agriculture sectors are related to sea level rise, salinisation and drought as slow onset events and floods, storm surges and hurricanes as sudden onset events.

 It was therefore recommended that these targets are considered into the enhanced NDC.

The outcome of this activity guides the Government of Vanuatu to support their submission of an enhanced NDC to the UNFCCC in 2021.


Implementing Partner: GIZ