NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan (including project pipeline)

Country: Kiribati

Phase: 1

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Improved NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation

Summary of Activity:

The NDC Hub supported Kiribati to develop its NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan (including project pipeline).

The aim of the NDC Implementation Roadmap is to present a temporal pathway for the implementation of mitigation actions in the domestic transport and energy efficiency sectors. This, in turn, will enable Kiribati to contribute to achieving its NDC target of the projected 42% BAU (business as usual) emission for 2030.

As a way forward to support achievement of the NDC targets, Kiribati’s NDC Investment Plan (including project pipeline) presents primary and secondary mitigation opportunities with associated financing needs which have been developed in close consultation with national stakeholders.

The NDC Investment Plan provides mitigation opportunities which can be implemented to help Kiribati achieve its NDC targets. The 15 primary mitigation opportunities identified consist of 9 opportunities in the transport sector and 6 opportunities in the energy efficiency sector. In addition to this, there are also 9 secondary mitigation opportunities which have been identified in the NDC Investment Plan for Kiribati.

The consolidated temporal financing pathway for all the primary mitigation opportunities presents a need for an estimated US$ 210.5 million in total investments.

Implementing Partner: GGGI