NDC Review and Enhancement

Country: Tonga

Phase: 1

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Improved NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation

Summary of Activity:

  1. Review of Tonga’s 2015 INDC and Recommendations for 2020 Second NDC

The review of Tonga’s 2015 INDC and Recommendations for Tonga’s 2020 Second NDC was supported by the NDC Hub in preparation for development of the Second NDC.

The output of this activity is the Tonga NDC Review Report which first details a review of the 2015 INDC, determining the progress made to date in achieving the identified targets. This review is followed by a set of recommendations which has formed the basis of the formulation of the 2020 Second NDC.

  1. Tonga’s 2020 Second NDC

The NDC Hub supported Tonga in submitting its Second NDC to the UNFCCC in December 2020.

Tonga’s Second NDC also includes new  sectors based on the recommendations of the Tonga NDC Review Report.  The energy, agriculture forestry and other land use (AFOLU), and Waste sector encompass targets for mitigation in Tonga’s Second NDC.

A unique feature of this commitment is that Tonga also prioritises adaptation in its Second NDC with a focus on agroforestry, marine protected areas (MPAs) and special management areas (SMAs).

This work forms the basis of the subsequent NDC Implementation Roadmap, NDC Investment Plan (including project pipeline) and MRV system being developed for Tonga through the NDC Hub.

Representatives from various different government departments and private sector organizations were engaged to make this activity a success and ensure the work was well coordinated and appropriate to the national context. Furthermore, collaboration meetings with the UNDP, SPC, SPREP, IRENA and NDC Partnership ensured harmonization and avoided duplication with other organizations support to Tonga.

Implementing Partner: GGGI