Supporting the Development of the Monitoring/Measuring, Reviewing and Verification Systems in the Transport Sector

Country: Fiji (Republic of)

Phase: 2

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Enhanced NDC measurement, reporting & verification and transparency of climate action

Summary of Activity:

The proposed project will entail technical support for identifying the scope of data required across mitigation, adaptation, finance and other areas to track NDC implementation. Noting that climate action is cross sectoral, the challenge is to encourage ministries and agencies to develop their own mitigation actions, while maintaining oversight of the quality and comparability of information provided on the results achieved.

The objective of this work is to:

  • Establish a system that collates information on mitigation and adaptation actions, greenhouse gas emissions and climate finance in an integrated way to provide insights into the individual and collective impacts of the measures taken in the Transport sector.
  • Contribute towards enhancing analytical capacity and understanding about which policies and actions work best and why.
  • Support the mainstreaming of NDC implementation and consideration into the transport divisions operational plans and strategies and to become an eminent part of the Divisions mandate.
  • Improve evidence base for the transport sector and enhance institutional capability to monitor and track Fiji’s progress in transitioning to a low carbon and sustainable economy.
  • Build the capacity of the institution to analyse, develop and implement climate policy and coordinate actions around NDCs and drive their implementation.

Once completed, Fiji will be able to streamline transport sector data for GHG accounting and reporting in national communications as well as in NDC.

Implementing Partner: GGGI