Nationally Determined Contributions in the Asia Pacific Region as the main driver of carbonization

Date: 07 Jul 2021

This event will discuss how NDCs drive the energy transition and outline emerging technology and innovation strategies for implementing mitigation and adaptation measures in the Asia Pacific Region.

Representatives from governments and international organisations will provide insights into the work done to achieve the proposed climate action goals and showcase real-world solutions to decarbonise power systems with renewable energy.

It will also present how the benefits of climate action can enhance an inclusive energy transition with multiple climate resilient agendas to contribute to sustainable development. It is by now clear that renewable energy is of paramount importance not only to achieve SDG 7 on universal energy access, but also to achieve numerous other SDGs – renewable energy solutions are by now considered the best option to electrify health centres in rural areas, as well as energising processes in agriculture, food and water value chains. This holistic approach will not only substantially accelerate the energy transition and contribute to socio-economic development, but also aid countries in achieving their climate goals as well as improving their resilience in the face of natural disasters wrought by climate change.

Kind of event: Meeting

Location: Virtual