The Table and the Folding Chair: #IWD2022 A Panel Discussion

Date: 08 Mar 2022

Through a panel discussion featuring local and regional women climate leaders, the Regional Pacific NDC Hub aims to spotlight the critical role gender plays in navigating the climate emergency in the Pacific. The NDC Hub aims to showcase the women leading the charge to protect their communities and ensure policymakers remain committed to tackling the climate emergency and building resilience both nationally and internationally.

Event panelists will share their personal reasons that have shaped their involvement in the gender and climate change space. Speakers will also reflect on how their personal experiences have motivated them to work in this space consistently. Speakers will also share their different perspectives on how gender issues are being addressed in the climate change sector and whether they have seen any advancements in their various areas of work (community, national, regional, and international level).

Additionally, speakers will elaborate on the challenges and hurdles they have faced throughout their climate and gender advocacy journey, and those that continue to exist (in their areas of work) in terms of ensuring gender issues are fully recognized and incorporated in climate change sector. They will address questions like, why do these challenges and hurdles still exist and what needs to be done or changed to overcome these?

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Kind of event: Conference