Climate-Smart Agriculture Plan

Country: Nauru

Phase: 1

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Improved NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation

Summary of Activity:

The Government of the Republic of Nauru considers the focus of its NDC to be primarily adaptation, with a strong emphasis on building resilience, which also encompasses mitigation in an integrated manner (Nauru INDC, 2015). The Nauru NDC recognises the improvement of indigenous food supply and potable water availability and storage as a pressing adaptation strategy for the country. This work is done to respond to Nauru’s NDC – “Building Resilience in the Agriculture Sector”.

A slowdown in agriculture production has seen Nauru almost totally reliant on food imports. To strengthen and sustainably develop the agriculture sector, Nauru NDC Implementation Plan (February 2019) detailed actions that include:

  • Explore and encourage sustainable and traditional agricultural practices, including composting, mulching and the development of nurseries
  • Improve seasonal forecasting and grower access to weather and climate information, and provide management options to growers for responding to extreme events
  • Promotion and usage of drought-tolerant crop varieties and resilient livestock breeds

This project has supported agriculture, which is key sector to achieve Nauru's NDC targets and is central to the national adaptation strategy.

This work has resulted in the release of Nauru’s first Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) plan articulating strategic needs, priorities and capacity building needs. In addition, an inventory of appropriate climate-resilient technologies was produced, and a vulnerability assessment for the agriculture sector was organized, as well as training activities for Nauru extension officers.  

Implementing Partner: The Pacific Community (SPC)