Coherence review of RMI National Energy Policy & Energy Action Plan (NEPAP)

Country: Marshall Islands (Republic of)

Phase: 3

Status: Ongoing

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Accelerated NDC action and project/program implementation

Summary of Activity:

Support and actions for the project should be provided through Technical Assistance to the National Energy Office, carrying out a
coherence review of the NEPAP reviewing the ‘actions’ in the current NEPAP, and align it to sectoral goals, objectives, indicators, linkages
with Marshall Islands Electricity Roadmap, Energy Bill and NDC targets and related global and regional frameworks (i.e., FRDP, SDG,
FESRIP, UNFCCC – Paris Agreement, etc). This review shall further review the “planned activities” in NEPAP to ascertain the status of
achievement of the “planned activities”.
The recommendation and finding form this assessment shall inform the update of NEPAP. Whilst a review of the current policy & action plan is been completed, further evaluation such as review from a third party and monitoring procedures including consultation with
stakeholders is needed to develop a current and updated National Energy Policy & Action Plan. Policy & Action Plan needs to aligned and linked to the NDC, RMI Electricity Roadmap, & Energy Bill

Implementing Partner: The Pacific Community (SPC)