Energy Efficiency Regulation

Country: Palau

Phase: 1

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Improved NDC planning, policy, strategy and legislation

Summary of Activity:

The activity focused on the development of energy efficiency regulations for Palau, capturing energy efficiency goals and targets in its Nationally Determined Contributions.

This efficiency regulation establishes better standards for energy testing, performance, lighting and labelling of appliances and other equipment imported into and sold in the Republic of Palau.

This regulation establishes the following;

  1. Palau Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulations – describes the standards for energy testing, minimum energy performance, and energy labelling of appliances, lighting, and other equipment imported into and sold in Palau, and to provide for related enforcement procedures and sanctions.

  2. Palau Energy Auditing Regulations – sets out the requirements to initiate energy audits, the qualifications and certification standards for people carrying out the energy audits, the enforcement of quality standards for energy audit processes and reports and the implementation of actions recommended in the audit reports.

Palau’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), endorsed in 2016, targets a 35% energy efficiency target by 2025. This regulation will help begin this process.

The energy efficiency regulation has been based on a review of all current energy legislation, to ensure the work is a relevant addition to the nation’s existing policies. A consultation workshop engaged 20 stakeholders from the government, private sector and development organizations. This workshop played an important role in increasing understanding among participants of the targets outlined in Palau’s NDC, as well as the role of the energy efficiency regulation in achieving this, resulting in positive engagement from stakeholders in ensuring implementation of the regulation.

At the time of completing the regulations, Palau was transitioning to a new Government following the completion of the national election and the new Government will be in place from 21st  January 2021. The final draft regulations will then be taken through the Government approval processes for final approval and endorsement. Palau is responsible for doing this.

Additionally, an Implementation Plan for the regulations was also developed to assist Palau in implementing the regulations when Government passes the regulations.

Implementing Partner: The Pacific Community (SPC)