Implementation of National Vulnerability Assessment Framework (NVAF).

Country: Vanuatu (Republic of)

Phase: 3

Status: Ongoing

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Strengthened enabling environment for NDC implementation

Summary of Activity:

This activity has the goal to document existing tools, data systems, and stakeholder needs relevant to the NVAF and provide technical support for the database and assessment tool design and field survey implementation. Specifically, the activity has the following objectives:

i. Conduct a review of NVAF systems and data collection tools in Vanuatu,

ii. Establish data sharing Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) between relevant government (and non-government) agencies,

iii. Document stakeholder needs and capabilities and recommended design features for a central NVAF system and data collection tool (including draft

operating procedures), and

iv. Deliver a training overview for the NVAF systems and data collection tools to stakeholders and partners

Implementing Partner: GIZ