Regional Technical Support Mechanism (Regional Capacity Building)

Country: Samoa

Phase: 2

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Strengthened enabling environment for NDC implementation

Summary of Activity:

The Regional Technical Support Mechanism (RTSM) was first developed in 2014 under specific project conditions for a Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience but is now outdated in terms of processes and technology. However, its potential for operating well under the NDC Hub and other initiatives has been recognised, thus an effort has been made to increase its relevance and usability for the region.

To support the functions of the NDC Hub, the RTSM must be upgraded to Drupal. The Drupal software is in line with SPREP’s current software development practices. It is an enterprise ready Content Management System (CMS) and Application Framework that allows integration with all systems.

The upgrade includes migration of the public facing site and online RTSM system from DNN to Drupal and will provide better integration with SPREP systems such as knowledge management, procurement, and recruitment.



The RTSM is a registered network of pre-approved experts (e.g. on gender, climate change financing, knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation etc) that can provide, on the request of Pacific Island Countries (PICs), advice on appropriate resource opportunities, strategic approaches and technical assistance on climate change, as linked to food security and infrastructure. They also provide where necessary, support in developing project concepts and proposals, preparing reporting requirements and implementing and monitoring projects. The RTSM facilitates the Pacific’s rapid access to technical and advisory services and in the process, create or strengthen national capacity to effectively respond to climate change and disaster risk reduction.  

The RTSM is accessible to all member countries of the council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific (CROP) agencies, as well as development partners, donors and networks with a common interest (i.e. Climate Change and Adaptation & Disaster Risk and Resilience & Disaster Risk Management).

Implementing Partner: SPREP