Strengthen MRV across all relevant sectors in the Cook Islands

Country: Cook Islands

Phase: 2

Status: Completed

Related Strategic Priority Outcomes: Enhanced NDC measurement, reporting & verification and transparency of climate action

Summary of Activity:

The key objective of this activity is to establish mechanisms for Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) in the context of NDC implementation across the primary sectors of the economy. Integral to this objective is to have trained personnel to implement the mechanism.

The work includes, undertaking a review of the country’s socio-economic and environmental situation, against climate change goals and aspirations, such as the Cook Islands Climate Change Country Programme 2018 - 2030, the Cook Islands Climate Change Policy 2018 - 2028, and the development of the Cook Islands Climate Change  Bill  which started in 2020 with expected completion by end of 2021.

This effort will align with current projects and programs such as the GCCA+SUPA, GCF, GEF and Adaptation Fund projects, as well as other relevant higher level planning efforts, including the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP), the Economic Development Strategy, and the Economic Recovery Package in addressing the COVID19 impacts.

The expected outcome is to raise the understanding and awareness of MRV across a broad range of stakeholder’s in-country and build as well as strengthen the capacities and capabilities of country officials that can undertake MRV and reporting work beyond 2021.

Implementing Partner: GIZ

Funded by: New Zealand Foregn Affairs and Trade (MFAT) ,